A New Normal: A Quarantine Commentary

Two to fourteen days. That is all the virus is supposed to live for, but the inability to stop our fast pace capitalist society from going keeps the COVID-19 going. Small businesses hurting, stock market crashing, unemployment rate increasing, people social-distancing, colleges closing. Not just the nation, but the world is having to learn new ways to live their day to day lives. The digital age has taken a whole new level of meaning. Every person is affected by the coronavirus in different ways. Rising Rock, a group of students from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga seek to tell their stories on how this pandemic shapes their experience, and what this extraordinary moment in history looks like from their perspectives. A New Normal: A Quarantine Commentary is a creative and documentative project by the students of Rising Rock. Step foot into the perspective of college students as they share what their world now looks like in this rapidly changing society because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scroll to the bottom of this page to click on individual stories.
By clicking one of the names below, you’ll see a glimpse of how this global pandemic has now shaped each of our lives.

This week’s featured story:  A New Normal by Amanda Morgan Fann

Rian Scott Fann presses his homemade sign that reads “Help been in Quarantine too long” against his front porch window in Dunlap, TN on March 25, 2020.
“Why are you crying Amega Morken?” I hear a small voice from the top of our den stairs. I look up and force a smile behind the salty tears sliding down my face, trying not to worry the little four-year old staring at me with concerned baby blues. Fielder Lee walks down the stairs, climbs into my lap and with a sticky finger, wipes the remaining tears from my face. The only words he says are “It’s okay, you can hang up the next one.” To continue viewing more of this post, visit A New Normal by Amanda Morgan Fann.
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