Cup of Culture

With over 50 local coffee shops in the Scenic City alone, coffee has become its own subculture that has spread and affected the ambience of Chattanooga. Not only do these shops act as a social space for the spread of art and ideas, but many have their hand in community outreach as well. 

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One Step


Through a series of four short films the story of the cultural significance of dance is told. In each story, whether Step told through the divine nine, Bachata and the Latin American community, Pow Wow and the Native American community, or line dancing in the senior citizen community, the steps in each story correlates to a history of dance. The history of dance whether for protest, joy, or celebration is ultimately connecting all people to a community and giving people a place to belong.

Podcast: One Step Overview

Humbled by the Step

Yancy Freeman Jr. stands on Chamberlain field at the center of the University of
Tennessee at Chattanooga’s campus. Freeman screams out, “A Phi,” as his brothers
respond with, “O six.” The chants that ring out over UTC’s campus are a battle cry for
the history of the step dancing demanding to be heard. As the chants echo they signify
that step dancing holds incredible power and significance within not only the African
American community but the Greek community as well.

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The Heart of Dixie

Dixie Heiss, a 30 year old woman from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, found out at 12 weeks she was going to be a mother. Due to medical issues she was told she could never have children so this baby boy was a miracle in her eyes. She feared complications with the birth, but nevertheless continued doing all the right things to ensure her baby boy would be healthy. Unfortunately, Dixie started experiencing a lot of pain six months into the pregnancy and then gave birth prematurely at 26 weeks. Her new baby boy weighed 1 lb. and 15 oz. and was placed in Erlanger’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Dixie wanted to be with her baby boy, CJ, every step of the way but lived almost an hour away from Erlanger hospital. Hotels were not an option because of expenses, so she came across Chattanooga’s very own Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald House provides private bedrooms, showers, health products, toiletries, and food to families who have children in intensive care. Dixie lived in Ronald McDonald House for three months while CJ was being taken care of by Erlanger’s NICU staff. After being in the NICU for 82 days, CJ was finally discharged then weighing 5 lbs. and 14 oz.

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