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USA Boxing

Written by: Abby Ray


Montreal Hunter (blue) punches Mauricio Quintanilla (red) during their fight at the USA Boxing Eastern Elite Qualifiers in Chattanooga on Monday, October 8, 2018. (Photo by Elian Richter)

During October 7th – 13th Chattanooga hosted the 2018 Eastern Elite Qualifier and Regional Boxing Championships. The event was held at the Chattanooga Convention Center and had the largest turnout in national tournament history according to TeamUSA.org. Chattanooga has hosted the Eastern Elite Qualifiers two consecutive years since 2017.

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The Chattahooligan feature is designed to do two things: to familiarize the viewer with the Chattanooga Football Club fan base known as The Chattahooligans, and to highlight their influence in the city by showing their support for Operation Get Active (an organization started through the CFC Foundation).  

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Invitation Only: Black Girl in a White World

JJ Dunigan is a senior at GPS.
JJ Dunigan is a senior at GPS. (Photo by Erica Roberts)

Girls Preparatory School, also known as GPS, is an all-girls private school in Chattanooga Tennessee. Since GPS is a private school, students must pay a tuition in order to enroll in the school. GPS girls are typically stereotyped using two characteristics: caucasian and wealthy. What does it look like to go to a school where you do not fit those stereotypes?

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