Rising Rock Radio Showcase

Graphic By Kylee Boone.

Rising Rock is excited to parter with Scenic Roots at WUTC again this semester to showcase some of our top audio pieces. To listen to Scenic Roots, visit https://www.wutc.org/scenic-roots.

Here, you will find all of the audio pieces written and recorded by UTC students in Rising Rock during the Fall 2022 semester.

Legacy in the Cedar

Brittany Santiago sat down with Steve McBryar, Dunlap resident and chainsaw sculptor, to talk about his woodcarving passion, chainsaw antics and how carving with power tools is actually relaxing for him.

Reciprocal Blessings

Curtis Cecil and Kelly Flemmings, owners of the Soddy Daisy Community Library who started with just four books, created a community library that is overflowing with love and books. The two of them talk to Haley Bayer about their emotional connection they have formed to the community that the library has given them. 

Gender Equality in Tennessee: The Fight Continues

Workplace harassment is a global problem with an unsure solution. In this piece, Madelyn McCrary speaks with an anonymous source about their experience with workplace harassment. The two discussed the lack of equality in the workplace, her experience with workplace harassment, and the difficulty of getting into crisis centers.

Row As You Grow

This piece will explore the art and dedication of rowing from Chattanooga rower, Lily McDowell. Lily spoke with Madelyn McCrary about the passion that she has found through rowing that has changed her life for the better. 

Heather’s Story

Athena Miller chats with Eli Rushing about the worst night of her life. Catastrophe struck while she and her friend Heather Kounthapanya were crossing the street for some late night City Cafe. Miller talks about the fallout from the incident that hospitalized her friend and gives her perspective of the events that followed.

Miss Nola’s Gumbo

Brittany Santiago sat down with Tacia Taylor, owner of Nola Girls Gumbo, an authentic cajun cuisine food truck in Chattanooga, TN. Taylor reflected on what she gets out of cooking while also relaying that her true passions lie elsewhere.

Individual Stories

Every student completed their own individual stories at the end of the semester. From endangered Red Wolves to LGBTQ+ rights, each story carries meaning to its respective storyteller. Check out the full stories to learn more.

Raising Wolves by Allie English

Red wolves were listed as critically endangered in the late 1990s but once roamed much of the Southeastern US. In July of 2022, only 19-21 wolves remained in the wild. Reflection Riding began working years ago to recover this species through breeding, exhibition, and education. Allie English sat down with wildlife professional Taylor Berry as he shared his experiences of working with the endangered Red Wolf.

Sight & Hope Restored by Anna Truss

Project Access is a program that works with hospitals and physicians in the area to provide charity care to people who do not qualify for insurance. In this piece, Anna Truss spoke with Kathleen Stephens about her experience with the program. They discussed what the program does, how Stephens was helped by it, and how the program can be supported.

Displace. Erase. Copy. Paste by Brittany Santiago

Chattanooga is a consistently evolving city. Brittany Santiago sat down with Bessie Smith Cultural Center’s Director of Community Relations, Eli Cameron, and talked about the changes he’s seen in Chattanooga’s past and present, and what that means for the future. 

A Little Bookish by Cassandra Castillo

Mobile bookshop owner, Miranda Atkins, manages several book clubs which she believes are integral to her business, A Little Bookish. Cassandra Castillo spoke with Atkins who shared her perspective on how a book can bind people together. These groups have formed to be more than monthly book club go-ers, they are friends who enjoy each other’s presence over food and a good book. 

Taken to the Movies by Eli Rushing

Chris Dortch II sits down to talk with Eli Rushing about a life of loving film and the many ways that he was able to align himself with the pursuit in his early days. 

Happinest by Haley Bayer

Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Raptor Rescue is a 501C3 non-profit organization and backyard rescue facility. Owner, Alix Parks, who runs the facility in her own backyard, sits down to talk about how the HPAI Avian Influenza has been affecting the birds in Tennessee.  

A Family Thing by Hannah Blair Hurt

Zarzour’s Cafe on the Southside of Chattanooga has been running proudly since 1918. Hannah Blair Hurt talked to Joe “Dixie” Fuller, current and fourth generation owner of the restaurant. He shared with her about their family, why he thinks they’ve made it this far and what the small brick building means to him.

Living Sequatchie by Jake Redfern   

In Sequatchie County, Tennessee, a local institute is focused on spreading the knowledge of conservation and self-sustainability. Specifically, the Sequatchie Valley Institute, or S.V.I., will soon reopen its art gallery filled with hand-made crafts and ornaments centered around the Appalachian Wilderness. Jacob Redfern spoke with Carol Kimmons, Director of Education and Research for the S.V.I., about the institute’s artistic pursuits.

Making a Big Impact by Jordan Harris

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chattanooga is an organization that helps children see their full potential and create their own futures. In this audio piece, Jordan Harris sat down with Allen Towry, a former Big brother and president of UTC Bigs that is affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chattanooga.

If These Walls Could Talk by Jules Jackson

If the walls of the Coosa Mill could talk, what would they say? Jules Jackson spoke with Director and Co-Founder of the Pop-Up Project Jules Downum about the immersive dance performance, “If These Walls Could Talk,” Inside the historic Standard-Coosa-Thatcher Mill Complex in Ridgedale.

River Street Eats by Kate Hixon

Bruce Wiess has owned and operated the River Street Deli since it got its start in 1998. The deli has become a Chattanooga staple, famous for its lunch. Bruce sat down and discussed his first career as an artist and the odd jobs he picked up along his journey to the Deli.

The Race to Zero Waste by Kylee Boone

The McElrath’s are a family of five who have practiced a zero waste lifestyle for nearly half a decade. Kylee Boone sat down with married couple Sadie and Zach McElrath who discussed their experience raising their children in a zero waste home and setting them up to make compassionate and sustainable choices in their future.

Dedicated to Dance by Madison Van Horn

Chattanooga Ballet has been training kids and professional dancers for many years now, but their new community enrichment programs are working hard to break the stigma that ballet and dance are only for the “privileged.” Chattanooga Ballet School & Office Coordinator Chyna Clark sat down with Madison Van Horn to discuss the importance of making dance accessible for all. 

Trashy Treasures by Madelyn McCrary

Today we will be exploring the artistic career of Chattanooga artist, Alecia Vera Buckles. Alecia sat down with Madelyn McCrary and discussed the passion that she has for creating art that is functional, fun, and most importantly, sustainable. 

Coming Together by Matthew Cook

Lily Sanchez has worked as the Communications Manager at La Paz Chattanooga since 2017. She sat down and discussed how they help people, how lots of people come together, and her experience with La Paz

Fairy Findings by Sarah Chesek

Stephany Poe is a young business owner in Chattanooga Tennessee. In the past two years, Poe has made her business her full time career at the young age of 20. Sarah Chesek sits down with Poe and listens to her advice on business ownership. 

Backslide by Seth Carpenter

What would you do to protect your marriage? Seth Carpenter spoke with Kyle Carmon, who left Chattanooga in early September with his husband Joe following the overturn of Roe v. Wade. In his majority opinion for the case, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote on reexamining other due process cases including Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 case that guaranteed a right to same-sex marriage in the U.S.

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