The Hart Gallery


The Hart Gallery community shines bright, as people express a deep level of camaraderie as their hearts are filled, while their stomachs satisfied. 

As this gallery aids these artists emotionally and provides a safe haven for them, their goal is to also aid the artists financially. Cassie Terpening, the Volunteer Coordinator, explains that the Hart Gallery also provides another program, where they plan on paying their artists to build frames and to do other work around the gallery. 

The gallery’s main source of aid to the community is to provide all of the supplies needed to create art. The Hart Gallery also provides their community of artists the platform to sell their art, in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Dennis Williams’ voice cracks as he said, “The Hart Gallery has showed me that my artwork is actually worth something. It makes me feel worthy of living. It picks my heart up.” 

Williams continues to show gratitude as he explains how creating art has helped him. Williams has been an artist at the Hart Gallery for over 2 years. He does not view himself as a good artist, but, somehow, he continues to sell his drawings of cats.

“It lifts my spirits up,” he exclaims. “The Hart Gallery has open doors, and it makes me feel like I am worth more than I think I am worth.” 

The Hart Gallery has become a second or third home for Williams, and he describes that the community accepts him for who he is. 

The Hart Gallery is a place that is welcoming to all, the homeless, and non-traditional communities, which includes single mothers, veterans suffering from ptsd, the disabled and many more. They seek to “establish a relationship with their artists that will help them help themselves to a life of stability and self-worth.”

Meet the Storytellers

Lorenzo Pickett

Lorenzo Pickett is a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga who majors in Communication. He has experience in guest services and has been a camp counselor for the past 4 years. Lorenzo’s passion is storytelling, creating art and showing genuine love and loyalty to those around him. He can be contacted at

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