Vintage Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Evans-Witzel is a 22-year-old photographer and new mother. She manages her own photography business known as Vintage Kaitlyn Photography where she focuses on weddings, elopements, and portraits while also balancing the life of motherhood. She has always had a love for the 1970s and country music. Johnny Cash is among her favorites. She incorporates these vintage styles into her photographs and further into her lifestyle.

Kaitlyn is a new mother to Scout Orion Witzel, who was born on October 13, 2019, but being a mother is not a new experience for her. She is the stepmother to Sabrina and Preston who are the children of her husband, Allen Witzel. Kaitlyn grew up in Grundy County, and now resides with her family in Cleveland, Tennessee, where they live in their barn-turned-wedding venue. Their home is an extension to her family’s venue business where they also manage a farm with lots of animals at the location.

On top of managing her own business, shooting photography and being a mother to three children, she also takes care of her family’s many dogs. She has a big heart for her puppy named Roxy. Even amidst Kaitlyn’s busy life, she balances her work and motherhood with ease while maintaining true to herself and her lifestyle.

To view some of her work, visit

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Meet the Storyteller

Marielle Echavez

Marielle Echavez is a senior studying Communication and Psychology. She is both a staff writer and photographer for the University Echo but is most passionate about videography. She plans to pursue video production post-graduation. Some of her work is displayed on @mariellejaimedia on Instagram and can be contacted at


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