Printing & Parenting

By Logan Stapleton

Joshua Teichroew spreads the ink across the screen-design, continually printing shirts for a local gym. Teichroew completed a whole order in a quick and efficient manner. Monday November 15th, 2021. Photo by Logan Stapleton

To run a business single-handedly is a challenge in itself, but to wear all those hats and still have room for a family is a feat worth admiration. 

Joshua Teichroew, owner of Lookout Prints, has achieved his dream of self employment, while running his business from the comfort of his own home and becoming a social media influencer. Teichroew creates hand printed shirts, and he started showcasing his work on Instagram shortly after his company launched. It allowed him to share his business and be an inspiration to a large audience. He strives to become not only a role model to other entrepreneurs, but also his four-year-old son David

“I was never close to my family growing up, but for me…I want to be closer to them [and] be there for them” Teichroew expressed. “I want to teach them how to live life. It’s ok to be different, it’s ok to not want to do what the world tells you to do.”

Teichroew initially had a shop for his business, separate from his house. This created problems for him and the connection he had with his work. He came to the conclusion that moving his screen printing press into the second story of his house was the right course of action. 

“What would be better? Working from home or having a shop?” Teichroew explained. “I didn’t need all the space I had from the shop…that’s kind of where I got the idea to work from home.”

Teichrow had finally found a way to integrate his working habits with his family.  His following on Instagram and social media has given his business the boost in visibility that small businesses often struggle with. “Being in on Instagram early [is] kind of like how people were in on TikTok early…now they’ve blown up,” he explains. “It’s kind of like how I was on Instagram.”

Joshua Teichroew, owner and only employee of Lookout Prints, starts his t-shirt orders for TNU Fitness. Teichroew spent all day delivering orders and printing new orders within the second story of his house. Monday November 15th, 2021. Photo by Logan Stapleton.

The account @lookoutprints on Instagram has around 13.2K followers. With such a following, Teichroew says he can cater to a wide audience, and even a handful of celebrities..“Now, I work with a lot of rappers,” he says.”Probably 90% of them reach out to me and I get, like, 90% of it from Instagram”

Working in this environment and freedom has allowed Teichroew access to a path that allows his brand and family to thrive. 

With constant orders and plenty of father-son quality time, Teichroew enjoys his work and plans on expanding this business, and gives his insights on what success has looked like for him. “Success is different for each person; you have to define that for yourself, “ he says. “As long as I have enough money to pay for what I need and…to live the life I want to live and have free time to spend with my family.Success is really just about living life how you want and on your own terms.”

To learn more about Joshua Teichroew and his business, Lookout Prints, check out his work on Instagram with the username @lookoutprints or search the web at

Logan Stapleton is an aspiring multimedia storyteller using his skills of videography and photography to highlight what makes people human. He has adapted his skills to work alongside others, absorbing whatever advice he can take to progress his storytelling to the next-level in order to accurately represent his subjects. To learn more about Logan and his work visit,, or email him at

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