Homebound Hobbies

Written by Madelyn Hill

Anna Miller plays a favorite song. Photo by Madelyn Hill.

Ever since the emergence of COVID-19, times have been hectic for nearly everyone, pushing many people to get creative and find a way to spend their time. Anna Miller and Jerrod Niles discuss their quarantine hobbies and give an inside scoop on how these activities have helped them build their new normal. 

Jerrod Niles begins a race in his racing simulator. Photo by Madelyn Hill.

“This gave me a sense of structure,” says Niles about the racing game that he has been playing since the beginning of quarantine. 

Niles talks about his new-found love for a racing game with an at-home simulator. Niles hooks up his chair, puts on his wheel, and it’s go-time. In an interview with Niles, he takes us in his room and demonstrates the game and how to put it all together.

“I started quarantine with a rookie license, and now I think I am at a ‘B,” says Niles when giving the progression of his game. 

Niles has a new-found passion for this game which contrasts Anna Miller’s revival of an old hobby. 

“I used to play when I was a kid, but now that all my friends started playing, I just bought a guitar online,” says Miller.

Miller began playing guitar towards the end of quarantine, and says she has never been happier. Miller has begun to make new tunes of her own and wants to continue her relationship with the art of playing music.

Living isolated has been an enduring experience for nearly everyone on the planet, but some people have been able to make it through with the power of busying their minds. Niles and Miller are just two examples of the many people that viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to grow. The last year has given people a chance to be creative and use their imagination, thus birthing the opportunity to discover new passions, or to rediscover the passion for the activities from younger days.

Madelyn Hill dives into the quarantine hobbies that Chattanoogans discovered while living in isolation. Audio by Madelyn Hill.

Meet The Storyteller

Madelyn Hill has a background in Social Media Marketing and Photography. Hill has experience working with specialties in street photography and, organizing social media pages, and leading the team to success. She also has a passion to let every voice be heard, no matter how small, big, happy, sad, each person deserves to be heard. She also enjoys reading, watching Youtube videos, going out to new food places with friends, and taking trips outside to take photos. For great photos from Madelyn Hill, you can contact her at (865) 441-3730 or xnz989@mocs.utc.edu

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