Wheeled Women

Written by Nessa Parrish

Baylee Rauberts and Meredith Fullbright discuss skating and what it takes to get started. Video by Nessa Parrish.

The sounds of chirping birds and skateboard wheels meeting concrete blend together in a symphony adored by millions of people across the globe, including Meredith Fullbright, a student-teacher that has just recently started her journey with the sport, and Baylee Rauberts, a Chattanooga longboarder, with two years of riding under her belt.

In a sport where women are typically underrepresented, Rauberts and Fullbright are just two examples of local skaters that can serve as an inspiration to young girls who might be considering the dive into skateboarding. 

Meredith Fullbright shows off her Ollie. Photo by Nessa Parrish

“I’ve been skateboarding for two whopping months,” Fullbright says with a smile. She says that nearly everyone she has met while skating has been friendly, and some even offered words of encouragement or advice on how she can improve. 

“You can just go up to anybody and ask their name, and they’ll just be your friend,” says Fullbright. “My experience has been positive for the most part.” 

Rauberts says her experience has also been a positive one, describing her fellow boarders as “open-minded and willing to share their life story.” She says that the authenticity of the community members is something she loves. 

Outdoor Chattanooga’s recent addition of an Introductory Skateboarding class is likely to draw new faces to the Chatt Town Skate Park, which is tucked away behind Naked River Brewing & BBQ, on Reggie White Boulevard. 

The sense of community, excitement, and empowerment that come with skateboarding is worth it to people from all walks of life, making it a sport for everyone. Rauberts and Fullbright both encourage anyone interested in skateboarding to give it a try. As with everything in life, you have to start somewhere, and the beginning of a journey can hold the best memories. 

Nessa Parrish digs into the experiences of Baylee Rauberts and Meredith Fullbright in the skateboarding world. Audio by Nessa Parrish

Meet The Storyteller

Nessa Parrish is the Head Editor for Rising Rock and is currently a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She is a highly adaptable and dedicated individual with over 10 years of videography experience. She seeks to highlight and document the stories of individuals whose stories deserve attention through visual storytelling. Contact her at Nessaparrish@gmail.com

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