A New Normal by Kaili Spear

April 10th- 20th, 2020

Everything is going to be okay.

A lot has happened. I have been on the constant go alone. Trying to keep my mind at peace. Between catching up on schoolwork, disagreeing with family, leaving what used to be home on a constant bases, missing Easter, and the tornado hitting Chattanooga. It’s not just the pandemic now. I needed to get out the house… 

May have not been the best decision to be a rebel Friday evening. But I decided to head to Atlanta to record a short film, to clear my mind and free my peace from the toxic environment indoors. On the way I realized a few warning signs about the virus. “Make safe choices wash your hands watch your speed.”, “Limit travel.”, “Give each other extra space on the road.”. Wait what?! Give each other extra space on the road? That doesn’t make any sense. Okay I usually don’t freak out but why do we need space on the road, in our own cars? I thought the virus wasn’t airborne. Why are they saying we need to keep car distance on an empty road? I couldn’t even think straight after that specific message because it really wasn’t clear and it didn’t really seem to make any sense. Well like usual, can’t do anything about it. 

The trip was full of weird vibrations, but it went pretty well, and I even was able to bless quite a few people with monetary. Sad thing about it was the amount of homeless people that were wondering the streets of Atlanta. I wish I could have done more than just a couple bucks for food for some individuals. I even stopped recording at one point to have a conversation with a few. One gentleman seemed pretty tense and confused, telling me he didn’t know exactly what’s been going on. I explained to him that we were on lockdown and had to stay indoors, keep our distance 6 feet apart and take care of our hygiene even more than before due to a virus. The moment I told him he began to worry. I saw his facial expression turn into despair as if the world had just ended. I had to clarify to him that life was going to look a little different for a while, but eventually we would come back stronger than before. At least that’s the hope we all have. “Nothing is for certain “, I said. We began having long conversation of the worlds actions to stop the virus. I never thought I’d be having a serious long conversation about the world with a complete stranger, one late evening, in the middle of a what once used to be a busy street. The more we talked the more I realized what we had a lot in common. Fear, fear of the unknown and fear for our future. 

On the way back to Columbus Georgia I noticed a few signs saying, “Everything is going to be okay.” I had to stop and grab one for a reminder. A reminder to not let negativity continue to roam the air. Let’s think positive and manifest good things for our future. I have to remember “Everything is going to be okay” or is it?

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