A New Normal by Rachel Watt

My name is Rachel Watt. Some would call me “the girl who would never be bothered by classes getting cancelled”. Well, they can’t call me that now because I am in the middle of a monumental once in a lifetime pandemic, stuck at home, stocked with toilet paper, taking classes on a screen that mimics “The Brady Bunch” wishing I could reach out and hug every one of people I miss (my classmates), basically living the boring life of a stay-at-home dog.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Now I understand why my dog runs out the door every time the door opens.
During the chaos of COVID-19, I have gotten to live the same life as my dog. I go outside when I absolutely have to. I leave when my authorities say it’s okay. I hang out on the couch all day. I eat whatever junk is presented to me. Living like my dog was cool for the first few days, but it sure did made me appreciate the great outdoors.

During this time, going outside has been like stepping into Narnia. The second you step outside, you see potential for a great day
My dog, G-baby, is well aware of that.

In these photos, you’ll see the cutest alarm clock: G-baby’s slobbery cheeks ready to go outside and walk trails.

Meet the Storyteller

Rachel Watt

Rachel Watt is a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga stuffing Multimedia Storytelling and Visual Arts. Her interest in storytelling began at a very young age and has been her passion throughout her entire life. Being a part of rising rock allows her to express herself and show off her writing, photography, and communication skills. Contact her at lrv791@mocs.utc.edu.

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