Creative Vision

Johannah Hardy is one of the two owners of Creative Vision Hair Salon, along with her husband Jerry Hardy. This year will be Hardy’s 15th anniversary of the opening Chattanooga’s Creative Vision Salon.

Hardy graduated from Chattanooga Barber College in 1996 where she worked long hours completing an 18 month program in only 11 months. Hardy has a wide range of hair experience and has done work as both an educator and platform artist. Within her 23 years experience, Hardy has travelled across the region being apart of hair specialist companies with her work featured in several magazines.

Hardy takes a specific approach that focuses on the care and treatment of hair. Although she performs specialized styles such as for proms and weddings, her main focus is finding a way for each of her clients to maintain healthy hair.

Hardy’s clients range from “age 3 to 93,” she said. She has several young clients, but a majority are retired ladies who prefer short styles. Johannah said, “My passion is short cuts, because you can be creative with it. You can be versatile with it.”

The creativity that can come from hair styling is the initial factor that drew Hardy into the field. She informs young people that if they enjoy creativity and are looking for ways to help others, this is the field to go in.

The smiles Hardy puts on her clients’ faces are what keep her passion going. “Just being able to help someone be a better version of themselves is what motivates me,” Hardy said.

Meet the Storytellers

Princess Petrus

Princess Petrus is a junior at UT Chattanooga studying Communication and Spanish. She enjoys photojournalism and uses her skill to convey social problems through visual images. Petrus has a passion for learning other people’s stories and aims to connect with those around her. Contact her at rkt446@mocs.utc.

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