Fit4Mom – Strength in Motherhood

Balancing Fitness and Motherhood

Fit4Mom is a national fitness program with over 2,600 locations, 1,500 instructors and 310 franchise owners. Fit4Mom was brought to Chattanooga by Rachel McClellan, mother of three children. She experienced Fit4Mom through a Stroller Strides class and fell immediately in love with the community and program. She then became an instructor, and soon later, she decided to start a franchise of her own. Growing up in the South yet living in Chicago for 9 years, she deeply loved and missed her home and found her way back to Chattanooga. Because of McClellan’s heart for starting this program, she has brought so many Chattanooga moms together, forming a motherhood community of fitness and friends.

Claudia Wamack, mother of two children, found Fit4Mom here in Chattanooga, and it has completely changed her life. At one point in her life, it was hard to balance motherhood and fitness due to problems such as simply finding a babysitter so that she could work out. When she found Fit4Mom, she was able to bring her children to her workouts and gain strength both physically and mentally as a mother through the program. Having taught barre classes in the past, she then started instructing Stroller Barre classes and also became the Marketing Coordinator of Fit4Mom in Chattanooga. With all the classes that this fitness program has to offer, both McClellan and Wamack encourage every mother, no matter what stage of motherhood – prenatal, postpartum, or beyond, to give a Fit4Mom class a try, and join the village of mothers who stand for strength in motherhood.

Meet the Storytellers

Marielle Echavez

Marielle Echavez is a senior studying Communication and Psychology. She is both a staff writer and photographer for the University Echo but is most passionate about videography. She plans to pursue video production post-graduation. Some of her work is displayed on @mariellejaimedia on Instagram and can be contacted at

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