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What is time? Three UTC students sat down with Dr. Joshua Hamblen, a UTC physics professor, who contemplates the meaning of time and its effects on us. With the time change coming up on November 4, 2018, everyone will set their clocks back one hour, effectively losing one hour of daylight each day.

Meet the Storytellers

haremski headshot

Katie Haremski

Katie Haremski is a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Outside of contributing to Rising Rock, she is the Creative Coordinator at Counsel Creative and the Features Editor at The Echo. Katie is a storyteller, writer, designer, social media marketer and photographer.


Ashley Rutledge RR headshot copy 2

Ashley Rutledge

Ashley Rutledge, a Chattanooga native and senior communication student at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, plans to work in the marketing industry after graduation. Her skills include social media management, public relations and graphic design.


kiefer headshot

Phillip Kiefer

Phillip Kiefer is an international Musician and amateur photojournalist with skills in multimedia production and marketing strategies. He is a senior at UTC studying communication and anthropology. His interests in local music and the outdoors drive him to produce fun and informative stories.










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