The Chattahooligan feature is designed to do two things: to familiarize the viewer with the Chattanooga Football Club fan base known as The Chattahooligans, and to highlight their influence in the city by showing their support for Operation Get Active (an organization started through the CFC Foundation).  

In this multimedia piece, three Chattahooligans are interviewed at an OGA event, and while each are interviewed separately, they all touch on the importance of building community through organizations like OGA, which emphasizes inclusiveness, and giving everyone the opportunity to participate.  Inclusiveness and opportunity are two core ideals in the The Chattahooligan fan base, and while they are comprised of many members, with each having varying levels of interest in the game, each ultimately share the same passion for cultivating community in Chattanooga.

Meet the Storytellers

savannahcSavannah Champion

Savannah Champion is a Junior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  She also works as a Marketing Coordinator for a local infrastructure company, where she utilizes her love for content writing and graphic design to create clear and consistent messaging.


Cade Deakin ECHO WEBCade Deakin

Cade Deakin is a photographer and videographer based in Chattanooga, who has worked at the student newspaper, The University Echo, while completing a communications degree at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and completed a media internship making promotional photos and videos at Songbirds Guitar Museum. 


nik jones portraitNik Jones

Nik Jones is a senior communications student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with experience in photojournalism. He is passionate about art in its many forms, but more importantly people and the stories they have to tell.




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